Wearebornfree! Salon/Pub-gathering
This is part of Wearebornfree! Culture of resisting and empowering each other against
the Babylon system.
It is an open space to whatever race, color you have and what you identify yourself with.
It is a moment of sharing ideas & strategies, reading, story telling, poetries, eating, firing,
drinking, healing, singing and dancing together.
It is not a party place or for fashion, business, hype.
It’s a struggle resistance– Humanity matters, forgotten voices, discriminated cultures,
race, Gender and etc
It is a platform for work and thoughts
Humanity matters: Humans we are matter, our voices matter and whatever culture we
have matter!
The radio and space was founded based on that “ Against dehumanization” the space
have a long term in the future, near future. Continuing healing structures. Everyone ideas
is welcome.
No! Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, racism, Fascism, Antisemitism, Capitalism, Islamophobia,
Classicism, Nationalism, Ableism, Violence and the likes.
This is the culture of resistance and empowerment for Humans.
In the future we wish to expand, be able to reach everyone that feels the need of healing,
listening, tolerance and resistance of politically
Food: They will be food for free. We will be happy about small donations – its not about
making a business- its just to help by groceries next time as the Wearebornfree are using
their own small income to keep this space going.
People here are in resistance, since Oranienplatz and the refugee struggle and they are
not paid. They sustain themselves.
It is not for coming to pity on others, self- victimized or a begging place. its everyone
It is a place of resistance, welcoming and new idea of healing and discussions.
That’s the work that has been done since Oplatz(resistance, opening voice and discussion)
This will be taking place every three weeks starting by next month on 22th of June 2018
at Göritzer Park.
Find more info’ about the program visit the last page of the brochure.
You are free to join and bring a book, music, drums, any instrument you want or pray or
if you want DJ etc.
(and teach us to dance it), food and drinks the choice is yours.
The entry fee is SELF-REFLECTION and please! Do not forget your invitation card