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FREE Youth Media Workshop

FREE Youth Media Workshop

You are between 15 to 27 years and always wanted to check out Radio, Music, Video and Social Media?
Come and join Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio.
We help you to create your own radio show, podcast, video or music project!
Special welcome gos to all Youth – Workshops in German and English.
Free food included!
Located at Waldemarstr. 46, Kreuzberg Berlin. U Kottbusser Tor.
Kick off meeting: Wednesday 26th of September at 5.30 p.m.
Meetings will be twice a month. – you always can jump in!
Contact whatsapp: 015218240788

FREE Youth Media Workshop
Du bist zwischen 15 und 27 Jahren und wolltest schon immer mal ein Radio, Musik, Video oder Social Media Projekt machen?
Komm und mach mit bei Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio.
Gemeinsam machen wir Radio Shows, Podcasts, Videos oder Musik Projekte!
Alle jungen Menschen sind willkommen – Workshops auf Deutsch und Englisch.
Essen umsonst!
Veranstaltungsort: Waldemarstr. 46, Kreuzberg Berlin. U Kottbusser Tor.
Erstes Treffen am Mittwoch den 26. September um 17.30 Uhr.
Folge Treffen 2x im Monat! – Du kannst immer einsteigen!
Kontakt whatsapp: 01521824078842303754_326606108091905_9212682327111499776_n


What is Humanity ? Humanity means
the quality of being human.
Doing help to others when they badly needed it without struggling a lot to help.  THIS IS HUMANITY
However still there are some more things which shows the real humanity. And the exact real meaning of humanity cannot be explained . You can learn this from your conscience to show humanity.
Even animals can show humanity despite they being uneducated.
However the sad part is still humans, the most developed creatures are still struggling to find out the real meaning of humanity.*
What are the qualities of being a human being ?
=Brotherly love-
feelings of humanity and compassion towards one’s fellow humans.
Lets give brotherly love to each other as we give brotherly love to our own born brothers and sisters,that we are all one siblings full of love and from one mother and father.
=fellow feeling-
Emotions and fellowship existing between people based on shared experiences or feelings.
Lets feel ones good feeling as ours and others bad feelings as us. And every Human being have this eight common basics of Emotions in his or her living,and therefore as one human we have to feel it from each other at any time the other one have or feeling it.
Fear → feeling afraid.
Anger → feeling angry. A stronger word for anger is rage.
Sadness → feeling sad. Other words are sorrow, grief (a stronger feeling, for example when someone has died) or depression (feeling sad for a long time). Some people think depression is a different emotion.
Joy → feeling happy. Other words are happiness, gladness.
Disgust → feeling something is wrong or nasty
Trust → a positive emotion; admiration is stronger; acceptance is weaker
Anticipation → in the sense of looking forward positively to something which is going to happen. Expectation is more neutral.
the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
Lets be more kind to each other,especially to refugees,lets welcome them as one peoples as one families and feel them like home,more friendly to them.There are few who are kind and showing smiling to refugees,either in the streets, public places or refugee lagers to be kind to them be generous to them,welcome them to your system and integrate them into your culture and society.Since the state abandoned and isolate them from the society and community and they feel like inhumane in their living.
careful thought, about and to a particular person.
” we needs very thoughtful and consideration towards each other as humans,especially in term of difficulties and needs.
Lets consider each other as Humans with good sense of Humor and put one another in positive consideration.And avoid considering especially African refugees as only criminals, drug dealers, ignorance and stupids.But we consider them as the same peoples like us with their amazing talents, skills, knowledge and with their competence of creating something useful to the country and into the society.
the ability to understand, know and have clear knowledge of something; comprehension.
We need to understand the situation of refugees or migrants, who are they, where do they come from, what are their challenges and how should we handle them? Before we just see them and categorize them all into one frame of being negative and harm to our living. We can only understand their situations by approaching them of our smile faces and be positive them and always have upon dialogue with them where ever they are living and what ever they are doing or who ever they are. Also listen to them very careful to understand and consider it from them.
feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.
As human beings we should always have sympathy for one another, much more specially on refugees and migrants who left their homes, families, and relatives behind. And something wrong and horrible force them to flee and come into foreign land, without their willing. Why not we have the same feeling as they feel,and know that if one human is affected then everyone of us is affected too, because humanity is weak. And have more sympathy for especially those affected by brutal war and extreme poverty while trying to have at least better place or living of their life.
the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.
To have tolerance in humanity is something very important, as far as you yourself believe in yourself that,you have opinions and behaviours which you sometimes agree and disagree with. So why not we have tolerance on others opinions and behaviours.
As European states havent got any tolerance on refugees or migrants either from their opinions or behaviours or movements. Since when the Germany governments havent give any privilage and tolerance to refugees to choose where they want to live, where they want to go or stay and what they want to do for their living. But only denying and restricting them of their willing , choice and right as a human being just simple because of being a refugee. So where is Humanity?
=Goodness-the quality of being good, generous and beneficial.
An example of goodness is volunteering to serve meals, clothes and offering sleeping places to homeless ,refugees and migrants who are need of it. By Empowering them of their needs and what they cant get by their own. And even by showing them the right way and best idea of raising and enhancing themselves,without someone every day or month giving them money or meal.
compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.
Can we have mercy and forgiveness for one another in terms of difficulties and hard times . Especially to refugees and migrants who are struggling and facing all such of difficulties and brutality on their journeys to Europe, much especially does who died on the mediterranean sea. And also does who are stranded at the European boarders without allowing them to get in. And to also have mercy on does refugees who are already here in Europe everyday struggling for their live and stay in the European So-called lagers, on the streets or anywhere to live. So where is in present of all this?
an organization or individuals set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.
Charity is another good fundamental of having a good quality of being a human being. Either by organizations or self individuals who have at least the capability and effort of providing help and raising money for those in need.
Example we reflect our mind to some parts of the world Especially Africa, where there are thousands of young children dying every year because of Malnutrition, lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough food to eat,not eating enough of the right things or being unable to use the food that one does eat. All caused by EXTREM poverty. While in Europe here peoples get sufficient of food until they forget that there are other humans who are actually dying from starvation,what the pity and shame on European capitalism.So where is Humanity since the so-called Europeans sleeping on five stars and fertilizing capitalism while war, extreme poverty and starvation killing millions of their own fellow Human beings like them,while without even reflecting on them for even an inch?
Human beings collectively.
So therefore Humanity is a Human beings collectively. Regardless of your Nationality, your Race, your religion, your Status , your passport or your orientation.
On that note we have to give respect to one another and try to at least copy the qualities I have already mentioned.So that our being humans in this earth will be collective without boarders, space and hatred within us.
As I use to say there are no lack of Human beings or Human shortage in this world since there are 7.1 billion peoples living in the world, but definitely there is completely lack of Humanity in this earth.
Hence peoples don’t want to see others as Human beings like them without any different.
Because the powerful or wealthiest peoples under mind the minorities or poorest Especially Europeans see themselves as first classes and more human than Africans.
Under mind our Nations ,our race, our knowledge, our selves in general.
Written by a refugee activist.
MORO YAPHA also known as YAYA YAFFA.

Racism and Discrimination


What Is Racism? A Definition and Examples:

The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.” Secondly, racism is, “Discrimination or prejudice based on race
Racism is an ugly word that has been around as long as humankind itself. Racism actually can be broken down into two distinct definitions:
On the one hand it simply means that groups of people are defined by their inherent differences (skin color, culture, appearance) and that, because of these differences, one group is seen to be better than the other.
The second definition of racism is the unfair treatment of others based solely on these differences. Throughout history, humankind has treated others with contempt and committed atrocities upon them just because of the color of their skin or the culture from which they come.
When slavery and colonialsm was practiced in the United States,Saudi Arabia and Europe, blacks were not only considered inferior to whites but regarded as property instead of human beings.
WHAT IS DISCRIMINATION? Is the recognition and understanding of the difference between one race and another.
Could be define into this categories: Unfairness, Inequality, differentiation, and Distinction.
Discrimination against refugees is everyday increasing especially to the people of color such as black people, from Africa, living in the western lands.
We are simply easy to be discriminate, of what ever bad or wrong happen in the society especially where we live more.They will point fingers on us of committing that, without even asking or confirming it first.

Because of nothing but our race, nationality, and cultural background.
So this shows us that everyday racism and discrimination is always on top of our heads and as far as we are living here in the Western countries, especially in Europe we will be always being confronted with it.
Either from our body languages with the community, Bureaucratic systems from the Authourities such as the Immigration offices, from the securities such as police, from the Employment departments, and also from the Educational institutions.
Sadly, racism in the form of discrimination persists in society also. A case in point is that blacks have traditionally suffered from higher rates of unemployment than whites.
Black unemployment is often nearly twice as high as the white unemployment rate. Do blacks simply not take the initiative that whites do to find work? Studies indicate that, in actuality, discrimination contributes to the black-white unemployment gap.
Lets see one another as one people but just different colors, without any criticism of ones race, nationality, religion, gender, orientation and status. Break distinction between us, be fair to each other and no differentiation.

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