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United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Is this the umbrella we are living under now a days?
December 10th 1948 General Assembly resolution 217 A, says; on the following articles:

Article 1.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.
My question again are we under these umbrellas?
And where are United Nations, since from 1948 to date 28th November 2018, under which worst atrocities are commited????

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Anti-gentrification demo 14th-April 2018

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Migrants social, economical And cultural contribution to the society

My dear human beings, before we waste our time of critising and talking against migration and refugees.
Let’s think twice who are they and what are they bringing into our society?
There are millions positive ideas and deeds which they brought and are contributing into our society .
Part of them Socially, economically and culturally.
Going deep into it:
#Socially: These human beings were living in a very rich and develop social life, and since they’re here, they will and are ready to share that social life interaction into their societies.
#Economically: These people came with their skills, talents and intellectual idea’s, so if they’re given chances to utilize these, How many millions and billions are they going to contribute to the economic, also into labour market.
#Culturally: These people where born and raised into a very rich and inspiring cultures and traditions, that they inherited, which they would like to share from their warmly hearted beings.
So if these people are given chances and channels of integration into the society.
How many people’s are going to learn and benefit from those rich amazing culture’s and traditions.
So my advice to the warmly hearted human beings is that, let’s open our hearts and arms to these people’s with such amazing gifts into our societies in order for us to be well credited and also the younger generation coming after us, by tackling #Racism,#Nationalism and #Patriotism.
Equal rights and justice for everyone!!
Peace love and unity.

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Enslavement of Blacks in Libya

My dear fellow humans,brothers and sisters in this world,at this pointing time of writing this text am already dropping tears,its very shocked,sad,heartbreaking,emphatic and incredible of whats applying to my fellow African brothers and sisters in Libya at this moment.
I cant still believe if such thing could still exist or apply in human society, in this 21st century,but it was also not a big surprise to me since i have also passed through it in few years ago.
A modern slave market for black Africans,being kidnap and sell in a very high price,which is unaffordable to pay,if not they rape,torture,shock by electric,burn to death, shot by gun and kill alive which are the consequences.
These are innocent peoples who among them are victims of wars and prosecutions from their home countries,finding the way to have a stable and peacefully living,while some of them were driven away by poverty in order to find a way of having a better live for themselves and including their families back home.
And its very pity that its carried out by our fellow African brotherly country,why?Just simply because they are “blacks” and poor.
Where is African Union,European Union,Arabic States and Human Right Watches,black Africans perishing and disappearing in the North-African Countries,without no one caring and talking about it,also perishing and disappearing in the North-Africans territory or coasts which is the mediterranean sea without no one caring about it,simply because they are “Blacks”.
Libya is a living hell for black African migrants, where no one can longer survive with peace of mind and comfortable.
The same time the so-called European nations closing their borders,and turning the ships back to the Libyan militias groups to kill them all,without accepting them, in the eyes of Humanitarian level.
Seeing and knowing of all whats happening to the Black migrants in Libya,but they collaborating and making deals with them to stop them from coming.
Within these years Northern Africa developed into a transit region for sub-Saharan migrants.The new migration pattern, its policy response by the Maghreb and European states, as well as its negative; side effects;on the black migrants concerned. And the actual number of migrants living in transit in northern Africa is difficult to estimate. Most of them are irregulars and without papers, mostly living under bad and miserable conditions without being treat as human being, in an Arabic Xenophobic social environment which is not seen and said.
As part of my own experience with many of my fellow Sub-Saharan migrants who passed through Libya considered ourselves being treated as slaves and with humiliations,poor wretches, or subhuman beings .And we are not certainly welcomed neither by the society or state.
You would never believe until you see how human beings are going through in Libya Much especially Black Africans,a 21st century holocaust which is not seen and talk by the public,unless those who face and experience it.
Therefore i am among those who have seen,gone through experienced and know it,thats why i wrote this text from my own idea which i know and gone through.
Finally i urge world leaders,much especially the AU, U.N and the Human right watch, to quickly take a step to break this modern,Human slave trade chain,and make a quick stop to it as soon as possible.
This is what we need and this is what we fighting for!!!!!!!!!!!
BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!


What is IMMIGRATION? Immigration is the international movement of peoples into a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle or reside there, especially as permanent residents or naturalized citizens,or to take up employment as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreigner.
And this is how Europe see Africans, as much poorer, less educated fleeing from poverty and ignorance. But this are the reality:
E.U contribute to Africas economic misery due to its selfish external trade policy. Never the less, the prevailing perspectives of the EU and of its member countries concerning African IMMIGRATION remains to be focused on security, the foreclosure of its external borders and preventions. Current EU programs and concepts to fight African migration are questionable. Even development oriented approaches are bound to fail, if not backed by sustainable Immigration Policies.
Africas ECONOMIC history is a history of large population movements driven by a variety of reasons: Notably, slave trade and colonialism by the Europeans, violent conflicts interfered and sponsored by western powers, extreme poverty caused by the Europeans of looting all the resources and now being misused by our own leaders whom are raise by the Europeans. Ecological degradation, population pressure and a certain cultural prosperity of some ethnic groups for outward orientation. Still up today most of the half of Africans live under conditions of extreme poverty and definitely insecurity.
Migration is not necessarily a zero game, where one side losses to the benefits of others. This hold for Africa too. In the idea case, all parties involved could gain benefit:The migrants, their extended families at home,the countries of origin and the receiving countries,if migration would be properly managed in the overall interest. But unfortunately selfish interest of major players which are Europeans involved in this game, both on an individual and state level.
By their discouragement and zero-Migration policies on the part of the fortress Europe for Example, encouraging Irregular migration, smuggling, marginalization and exploitation of migrants on different levels and stages of their journey to Europe.
As Africa lost their Educated peoples as many have most to gain by Europe of their resources endowment and they are more vulnerable than others to benefit from the pull factors, like better living and economic conditions in their host countries. This is one of the reasons of a considerable” BRAIN DRAIN”Which is the EMIGRATION of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country.
As Africa lost 3rd of its academic work force to highly Industrialized countries like Europe and U.S.
Africa has been the most important source of this” BRAIN DRAIN” due to the economic and/or political crisis being caused and fuel by the Western powers.
How ever, there are also positive the opposite of “BRAIN DRAIN” which is “BRAIN GAIN” Which is an increase in the number of highly, foreign-born professionals entering a country to live and work where greater opportunities are offered. Which is transfer of knowledge, of innovations and the consolidation or extension of foreign trade relations. New value systems,political and spritual orientations, acquired by migrants in Europe, and Imported into their home countries often contributed significantly to the development of Africa. Migrants among the African political elite for example mostly educated at European Universities, played a decisive role in many liberation movements. Heroes of African Independence, like LEOPOLD SEDARSENGHOR, KWAME NKURUMA, AMILCAR CABRAL,FRANTZ FANON or the many exiled politicians of A.N.C which contributed to the end of apartheid in South Africa.
In additions, remittances of African migrants can contribute considerably not just the well being of their families at home, but to poverty reduction and development on a regional or even changing of dictatorship regime, example like the Gambia there was dictatorship ruling of 22 years, but the Gambian migrants or peoples living in diasporas play the most important role to make change.
Therefore, it has been recognized that remittances;Mostly from Europe; constitute the second largest source of external private finance in African developing countries, up to now they are an underutilized and badly manage source of national development in the countries of origin.
However, the EU member countries bear their share of responsibility too: highly entry barriers, and the criminalization of irregular migrants,results in social seclusion and formation of ghettos of migrants in European capitals, which discourage remittances because the concerned prefer to care for their immediate own needs in an hostile social and political environment.
How African migrants make there way to Europe.
Within this two decades Northern Africa developed into a transit region for sub-Saharan migrants. The new migration pattern, its policy response by the Maghreb and European states, as well as its negative; side effects;on the migrants concerned. And the actual number of migrants living in transit in northern Africa is difficult to estimate. Most of them are irregulars and without papers, mostly living under miserable conditions without being treat as human being, in an Arabic Xenophobic social environment.
As part of my own experience with many of my fellow Sub-Saharan migrants who passed through Libya considered ourselves being treated as slaves and inhumane,poor wretches, or subhuman beings .And we are not certainly welcomed by the local population and the authorities.
And many thousands of African migrants died or went missing on the perilous sea journey under appalling conditions, according to the estimation of I.O.M.
And migrants have to pay a large amount of money to the smugglers .
Unfair EU foreign trade policy migration pressure of young youths from Africa, because no other perspectives for them to make for their lives.
And this has been recognized by the EU member states too. And they promised to stem the growing flow of migrants, among others is by increasing in the so-called development Aid to the most West and North African countries. How ever their So-called Aid and development do not necessarily lead to a reduction of migration, hence its not going into the right place and not benefiting the youths.
According to the studies published by the World Bank, International NGOs, and others repeatedly blamed EU in this respect, providing that the EU foreign trade policy contributes to a significant extend to reduce the income earning possibilities of African producers, in pursuit of the commercial interest of the EU members states, and to the detriment of development in Sub-Saharan Africa.
In addition, this selfish foreign trade policy of the EU an its member states counteracted its own pro-poor development cooperation with African states which it tried to implement since decades.
African migration is a reflection of its socio-economic dynamics since the times of the slave trade. In this decades the number of refugees from conflicts in Africa increased dramatically. The conflicts ridden and poverty Stricken region of Western Africa became cradle of migration from Sub-Saharan African to Europe, where most African migrants with overseas destinations live. They flee from their desolate economic situation, violent conflicts or political persecution. They DRAIN of human capital from Africa is most pronounced in the employment sector for highly qualified personnel.
The European Union and its member states share a heavy dual responsibility for the continuing migration pressure: first because they fostered over decades corrupt and autocratic regimes like dictatorship countries or leaders which are cooperating with them like Sudan president Omar Al-Bashir, Idriss Deby and many more others. And those dictatorship regimes are still to be felt today, and constitutes one of the underlying factors for politically motivated migration. Secondly, the EU contributed to Africas growing economic misery, due to the damaging effects of European selfish external trade policy. Nevertheless, the prevailing perspectives of the EU concerning Africans immigration remains to be focused on security foreclosure of its external borders and prevention.
Research and written by Moro Yapha or commonly known as Yaya Yaffa.A refugee and political activist.


What is Humanity ? Humanity means
the quality of being human.
Doing help to others when they badly needed it without struggling a lot to help.  THIS IS HUMANITY
However still there are some more things which shows the real humanity. And the exact real meaning of humanity cannot be explained . You can learn this from your conscience to show humanity.
Even animals can show humanity despite they being uneducated.
However the sad part is still humans, the most developed creatures are still struggling to find out the real meaning of humanity.*
What are the qualities of being a human being ?
=Brotherly love-
feelings of humanity and compassion towards one’s fellow humans.
Lets give brotherly love to each other as we give brotherly love to our own born brothers and sisters,that we are all one siblings full of love and from one mother and father.
=fellow feeling-
Emotions and fellowship existing between people based on shared experiences or feelings.
Lets feel ones good feeling as ours and others bad feelings as us. And every Human being have this eight common basics of Emotions in his or her living,and therefore as one human we have to feel it from each other at any time the other one have or feeling it.
Fear → feeling afraid.
Anger → feeling angry. A stronger word for anger is rage.
Sadness → feeling sad. Other words are sorrow, grief (a stronger feeling, for example when someone has died) or depression (feeling sad for a long time). Some people think depression is a different emotion.
Joy → feeling happy. Other words are happiness, gladness.
Disgust → feeling something is wrong or nasty
Trust → a positive emotion; admiration is stronger; acceptance is weaker
Anticipation → in the sense of looking forward positively to something which is going to happen. Expectation is more neutral.
the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
Lets be more kind to each other,especially to refugees,lets welcome them as one peoples as one families and feel them like home,more friendly to them.There are few who are kind and showing smiling to refugees,either in the streets, public places or refugee lagers to be kind to them be generous to them,welcome them to your system and integrate them into your culture and society.Since the state abandoned and isolate them from the society and community and they feel like inhumane in their living.
careful thought, about and to a particular person.
” we needs very thoughtful and consideration towards each other as humans,especially in term of difficulties and needs.
Lets consider each other as Humans with good sense of Humor and put one another in positive consideration.And avoid considering especially African refugees as only criminals, drug dealers, ignorance and stupids.But we consider them as the same peoples like us with their amazing talents, skills, knowledge and with their competence of creating something useful to the country and into the society.
the ability to understand, know and have clear knowledge of something; comprehension.
We need to understand the situation of refugees or migrants, who are they, where do they come from, what are their challenges and how should we handle them? Before we just see them and categorize them all into one frame of being negative and harm to our living. We can only understand their situations by approaching them of our smile faces and be positive them and always have upon dialogue with them where ever they are living and what ever they are doing or who ever they are. Also listen to them very careful to understand and consider it from them.
feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.
As human beings we should always have sympathy for one another, much more specially on refugees and migrants who left their homes, families, and relatives behind. And something wrong and horrible force them to flee and come into foreign land, without their willing. Why not we have the same feeling as they feel,and know that if one human is affected then everyone of us is affected too, because humanity is weak. And have more sympathy for especially those affected by brutal war and extreme poverty while trying to have at least better place or living of their life.
the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.
To have tolerance in humanity is something very important, as far as you yourself believe in yourself that,you have opinions and behaviours which you sometimes agree and disagree with. So why not we have tolerance on others opinions and behaviours.
As European states havent got any tolerance on refugees or migrants either from their opinions or behaviours or movements. Since when the Germany governments havent give any privilage and tolerance to refugees to choose where they want to live, where they want to go or stay and what they want to do for their living. But only denying and restricting them of their willing , choice and right as a human being just simple because of being a refugee. So where is Humanity?
=Goodness-the quality of being good, generous and beneficial.
An example of goodness is volunteering to serve meals, clothes and offering sleeping places to homeless ,refugees and migrants who are need of it. By Empowering them of their needs and what they cant get by their own. And even by showing them the right way and best idea of raising and enhancing themselves,without someone every day or month giving them money or meal.
compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.
Can we have mercy and forgiveness for one another in terms of difficulties and hard times . Especially to refugees and migrants who are struggling and facing all such of difficulties and brutality on their journeys to Europe, much especially does who died on the mediterranean sea. And also does who are stranded at the European boarders without allowing them to get in. And to also have mercy on does refugees who are already here in Europe everyday struggling for their live and stay in the European So-called lagers, on the streets or anywhere to live. So where is in present of all this?
an organization or individuals set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.
Charity is another good fundamental of having a good quality of being a human being. Either by organizations or self individuals who have at least the capability and effort of providing help and raising money for those in need.
Example we reflect our mind to some parts of the world Especially Africa, where there are thousands of young children dying every year because of Malnutrition, lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough food to eat,not eating enough of the right things or being unable to use the food that one does eat. All caused by EXTREM poverty. While in Europe here peoples get sufficient of food until they forget that there are other humans who are actually dying from starvation,what the pity and shame on European capitalism.So where is Humanity since the so-called Europeans sleeping on five stars and fertilizing capitalism while war, extreme poverty and starvation killing millions of their own fellow Human beings like them,while without even reflecting on them for even an inch?
Human beings collectively.
So therefore Humanity is a Human beings collectively. Regardless of your Nationality, your Race, your religion, your Status , your passport or your orientation.
On that note we have to give respect to one another and try to at least copy the qualities I have already mentioned.So that our being humans in this earth will be collective without boarders, space and hatred within us.
As I use to say there are no lack of Human beings or Human shortage in this world since there are 7.1 billion peoples living in the world, but definitely there is completely lack of Humanity in this earth.
Hence peoples don’t want to see others as Human beings like them without any different.
Because the powerful or wealthiest peoples under mind the minorities or poorest Especially Europeans see themselves as first classes and more human than Africans.
Under mind our Nations ,our race, our knowledge, our selves in general.
Written by a refugee activist.
MORO YAPHA also known as YAYA YAFFA.

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