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over 200 thousands of left-wings and activists took to the streets of Berlin, against far-rights:

Thank you So much Berliners, thank you so much symphatizers and thank you so much humanity lover’s, it was in a history that hundreds and thousands of people came out on the streets of the German capital to March and demonstrate against #Racism #Sexism #Discrimination #Facism #Nationalism, and all such kinds of division’s and distinctions .
Though I was so impressed and excited that so many people were chanting and shouting #SayitLoudSayitClearRefugeesAreWelcomeHeere and also#NoBoardersNoNationRefugeesAreWelcomeHere.
But what devastated and doubted me was seeing some individuals holding #European #union flag and other Similar flags as sign of owning or belonging to Europe or a state, and while these people are #EU citizen’s.
And if we says #Antinationalism#antifacism, welcoming and fitting people’s who are not recognised as #EU citizen’s.
Then how are the those Hundreds and thousands of non #EU citizen’s presented at the demo going to see or feel themselves?


Anti-gentrification demo 14th-April 2018

Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio, part of 13,000 old people, middle aged, and young families with small children took on the streets of Berlin, to demonstrate against gentrification at its extent.

#WeTv! With Namareg- 13 July 2018

#Wearebornfree! Salon @ Görlitzer Park 2018/06/22

#Wearebornfree! Salon @Görlitzer Park 2018/06/22

#Wearebornfree! @Street Protests Episode #01

#Wearebornfree! Entertainment Crew @ Kotti Summerfest 2018

Wearebornfree! with Women*Space is Everywhere! 2016

Wearebornfree! End of Ramadan Epi #01

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