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Moro- My engagement on Wearebornfree!


My name is Moro Yapha I came from the Gambia, and I arrived in Germany 2014, from Italy to apply for asylum.

But before my arrival to Germany, when I was a self political, LgbtiqFB_IMG_1522626130189 and refugee activist, were I demonstrate through social media, by writing and posting online.
Since I came to Germany and taken to the asylum camp in Reutlingen and living in the lager waiting for my asylum application, I still continue on my online and media activism on my facebook group called “SOLIDARITY NO TO RACISM AND FIGHT AGAINST DISCRIMINATION” were I follow the daily European opinions and political views about refugees.
And in 2015 August I met a Gambian refugee activist Muhammed Lamin Jadama through my facebook group from Oplatz living in Berlin, who sent me an invitation to attend their exhibition and event. So I came to Berlin and met a Ugandan activist friend, from him whom he is working with, so we share views and opinions of our activism.
Then I went back to Reutlingen in the lager, until November 2015 when I decided to finally move to Berlin to have access to my activism. Because from my experience of my short visit, I experience that there are a lot of solidarity groups and political activists who are every day and night fighting and struggling for the empowerment of the refugees. So that motivate and encourage me to come and join does activists and strugglers as one in order to empower ourselves, and overcome those difficulties and struggles.

Then since I came I joined Muhammed and Bino to form and develop the idea of “Wearebornfree” as a Media activist to make a Radio were we will express ourselves of not going out in the streets every day, but we can every day have something to say out.
That was in September 2016 when we open the Radio for regular broadcasts in collaboration with the “KOTTI FM” for 1 month contract in our studio at “Waldemarstr.46” Kruezberg Berlin. Which was really successful for any of us until the end of September.
From there then i organized my self and get control and used to the technical stuffs in the studio, were i conduct and moderate my own shows. I speak out as the way I wish without any hesitate and confusion, until now I present my own shows on Tuesday and Wednsday.
My aim and motivation of participating to the Radio is by having access and confidence of expressing myself through my activism, without anyone talking and manipulating on behalf of me as a refugee, who has no chance and previlage of sitting in the studio of “MABB” or “RBB” to speak about the life, struggles and challenge of being a refugee here in Germany. But to speak by my self on my own platform without no one dictating and telling to do something.

“WEAREBORNFREE! EMPOWERMENT RADIO” The one and only activist Radio in the Heart of Berlin. Standing for Humanity both day and night.
Finally lets come together, united as one people with one struggle to tackle the system.

Much more LOVE and blessings!!
MORO YAPHA Member of Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio and Humanity Matters.



This exhibition is part of Wearebornfree! Culture of resistance and empowerment program and strategy to reach and educate the public. Mostly those we cannot reach through street protests and who do not even bother to come to our self-organized and established political platforms. Such as Wearebornfree! Radio, Salon, Cafe and Abendessen every two weeks at Waldemarstr.46, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg. The exhibition was proposed and compelled by Wearebornfree! HUMANITY MATTERS and 100% of it is our work we do through Visual Production(Videos & Photos) and Digital Audio at Wearebornfree! Political Space and outreach. There will also be some stuffs such as Banners, photos, old materials, left overs of the 28 doors house, tents, hungerstrike and many more from the refugee protest camp at Oranienplatz after the eviction in 2014-04-08. With this exhibition we do intend to establish a visual and audio resisting and empowering archive about our struggle for Humanity. Because we do believe that all humans are born free and must be free! So we must wake up and free ourselves from the Babylon mindsets that is killing us everywhere at all levels.
The exhibition is focused on everyday issues around and beyond politics culturally, socially and economically outlining topics such as Women*, Children, LGBTIQ, Black People and People of Color, everyday Racism and Assaults, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Sexism, Day to day Gentrification, everyday Slavery, Nationalism, Xenophobia & many more topics.

Opening WE WILL RISE كُلّﻪ ما تَمامْ Exhibition and Archive in Progress

Openned on 6th of Aug 2015 at Kreuzberg Museum

WE WILL RISE gives a space for reflection for the people of the refugee movement as well as an exchange with people who are not (yet) part of the movement. It is a growing exhibition and
archive. It focuses especially on the time since the tent actions and the protest march from
Würzburg to Berlin, the protest camp on Oranienplatz and the squatting of the former school in Ohlauerstr. It has the aim to make history visible and accessible and to use it for the present and the future. The exhibition and archive is just a beginning. It can only grow if you take part in it and add what is important to you.
We want to struggle together with you for a permanent place for this work.

THE EUROPEAN DREAM: SELFIES FROM ORANIENPLATZ is a participative photography project and exposition. October 16th – November 16th, 2014 at Oranienplatz, Berlin

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