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Stop Deportation

20180210 #WeRadio show with Activists from Stop Deportation Group Berlin #01



This exhibition is part of Wearebornfree! Culture of resistance and empowerment program and strategy to reach and educate the public. Mostly those we cannot reach through street protests and who do not even bother to come to our self-organized and established political platforms. Such as Wearebornfree! Radio, Salon, Cafe and Abendessen every two weeks at Waldemarstr.46, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg. The exhibition was proposed and compelled by Wearebornfree! HUMANITY MATTERS and 100% of it is our work we do through Visual Production(Videos & Photos) and Digital Audio at Wearebornfree! Political Space and outreach. There will also be some stuffs such as Banners, photos, old materials, left overs of the 28 doors house, tents, hungerstrike and many more from the refugee protest camp at Oranienplatz after the eviction in 2014-04-08. With this exhibition we do intend to establish a visual and audio resisting and empowering archive about our struggle for Humanity. Because we do believe that all humans are born free and must be free! So we must wake up and free ourselves from the Babylon mindsets that is killing us everywhere at all levels.
The exhibition is focused on everyday issues around and beyond politics culturally, socially and economically outlining topics such as Women*, Children, LGBTIQ, Black People and People of Color, everyday Racism and Assaults, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Sexism, Day to day Gentrification, everyday Slavery, Nationalism, Xenophobia & many more topics.


It is fundamental to understand the true essence of being “human”. Unfortunately, only a few people acknowledge this fact in the capitalistic world today. With a minority holding the keys to power the majority of people are being dehumanized.

To decolonize our minds, bodies and spirits.

To instigate movements of optimism and happiness through accepting individuals for who they are in all our programmes and events.

To strive in raising awareness by improving communication, coordination and organisation of all activities.

To be creative and dare to dream big.

To resist and empower each other against the capitalistic system at all levels.



African Refugees Union

AfricAvenir International

Berlin Postkolonial

NoBorder Passau

Protestcamp in Passau

Refugee strike berlin



Activist Patras Bwansi

Left Vision Mobi Video: Patras Bwansi bleibt!

taz vom 4.3.2013: Ausweisung politisch motiviert?

Neues Deutschland vom 2.3.2013: Wer aufmuckt, wird ausgewiesen

Tagesspiegel vom 27.2.2013: Flüchtlinge kämpfen gegen Residenzpflicht: Der Protest rollt weiter

Antrag der Fraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen im Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin vom 15.10.2013: Bleiberecht für in Berlin lebende Flüchtlinge gewähren

Tagesspiegel vom 10.10.2013: Zuflucht bei der EU


Laufende Petition zum Unterschreiben

Abgeschlossene Petition

Protest am Oranienplatz:

Tagesspiegel vom 15.12.2013: “Wir sind doch keine Kinder”

Tagesspiegel vom 24.4.2014: Der Protest am Oranienplatz geht weiter

Deutschlandradio Kultur-Interview vom 2.5.2014: “In unserer Gesellschaft läuft wirklich falsch”

Deutschlandradio Kultur-Feature vom 3.5.2014: “Residenzpflicht – only when I die!”

African Refugees Union:

Tagesspiegel vom 1.2.2014: Das Leben hat ihn an den Oranienplatz geführt

Rechte von LGBTI

Interview in der Siegessäule: “Ich möchte willkommen sein, egal ob ich schwul bin oder schwarz oder was auch immer”

Gay in Uganda

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